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10 Activities for Kids This Summer

Summer is just around the corner, and whether you spend it out in the hot sun or plan to stay cool indoors, it won't be long before you hear the inevitable "I'm bored".  This list of ten activities to do with kiddos this summer is the perfect way to stave off boredom and keep them busy for hours.  

Patriotic BINGO

Patriotic BINGO: Summer means both Memorial Day and 4th of July so this patriotic BINGO is a double whammy of fun for backyard BBQs or family gatherings.

diy jellyfish craft

Jellyfish craft: I love how colorful these jellyfish are! A simple craft with supplies you probably already have in the house, this is a great craft to do after going to the beach or visiting the aquarium.

DIY spinner craft

Spinner: This DIY spinner is easy enough for little hands, but cool enough to engage even the teens in your house.  The kids will have fun coloring their own designs before assembly, stretching this craft out over a long afternoon.

paper plate snail craft

Paper Plate Snails: If you have little girls, there's a pretty good chance you have a million beads scattered around your house.  Have the kiddos scavenge around for them (bonus: they cleaned! yay!) and then have them craft these adorable paper plate snails.

pool party game printables

Pool Party Printables: If you're throwing a pool party or just want some fun summer themed printables, this pack of six printables will be sure to keep the kiddos entertained for hours. 

diy tote bag stencil craft

DIY Tote Bags: This craft is good for kiddos of all ages! I love that the kids can use any stencil of their choosing to create their own unique tote bags. Perfect for those big library trips!

summer screen time checklist

Summer Screen Time Checklist: Okay, so this one isn't an activity for the kiddos, per se.  But we all know that screen time over the summer can sometimes get a little out of control. This editable checklist lets you list out the tasks they must complete before screen time, and that's bound to give you a few hours before the boredom sets in, right?

diy puffy sidewalk chalk

Puffy Sidewalk Chalk: The recipe for this puffy sidewalk chalk is easy, and it looks so fun! Regular sidewalk chalk is cool, but the novelty of puffy chalk is sure to keep them entertained for hours.

ice block treasure hunt

Ice Block Treasure Hunt: This is one of the coolest things (see what I did there?) ever! Freeze a bunch of little treasures in a big block of ice for a hot summer day, and let the kiddos loose. 

lemonade stand summer bingo

Lemonade Stand BINGO: The last item on the list is the lemonade stand BINGO. No summer would be complete without a lemonade stand so once they've exhausted themselves selling lemonade for a quarter, have the kiddos sit down with the last of their lemonade and play this adorable BINGO game.

ten activities for kids this summer

What a fun list, right? So many ideas to keep the kids busy this summer!  Tell me, what activities do you do with your kiddos to keep them busy during the long summer months?

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