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Autumn Lunch Box Notes Freebie!

Halloween has come and gone, and it's that awkward time between trick or treating and setting up the Christmas tree.  This is a hot topic in many households with some Christmas lovers wanting to get started with their holiday cheer as soon as they throw away the pumpkins and dust away the spider webs.  Although I'm a huge fan of all things Christmas, my husband is not a fan of early decorating.  I may indulge in some Christmas movies or start playing my Christmas playlists soon, but we wait to put up the Christmas tree until the day after Thanksgiving.

If you're like me and you're not quite ready to skip on past all things Autumn (especially Thanksgiving! the pumpkin pie, you guys!), I've got something to keep you in the current season for just a bit longer.  I've been sending lunch notes in my daughters' lunch boxes since my oldest (now in 6th grade) started Kindergarten. They love getting little notes with encouraging messages or silly jokes, and I've been told many times over the years that their friends love to read them just as much as they do.

autumn lunch box notes for early readers

When my youngest started Kindergarten last year, I had a hard time finding lunch notes that were suitable for her reading ability.  Most lunch notes that I've found are geared towards at least second grade reading level. When I started creating my own lunch notes, I knew I wanted to design some that were easier for those just starting school.  These Autumn lunch notes are great for early readers--they can practice sounding out the short words to keep learning even during lunch!

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This freebie comes with one page of eight lunch notes, but if you want the full set of twenty four notes to get you through the rest of the month, head on over to my shop. I also have a matching set for more advanced readers so no one needs to feel left out. 

Until next time friends :)

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