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Fiesta Llama Birthday Party Roundup

fiesta llama birthday party ideas

Llamas and the American southwest are two trends that are everywhere these days! Whether it be adorable llamas wearing sunglasses or whimsical succulents, we love to love them.  Nothing is sweeter or more on trend than a fiesta llama birthday party, a marriage of two adorable themes that I hope stick around for awhile.  To help get you started on hosting the perfect fiesta llama birthday party, I've put together these ten must haves to get your party planning on track.

editable llama birthday party invitation

Llama Invitation:  Every great party starts with a great invitation.  This editable llama invitation is super cute, and since you can edit and print it yourself, it works well for those who hate to wait. 

fiesta llama party balloon decor

Fiesta Balloon Decor:  Balloon decor is making a huge comeback recently for birthday parties, and I am all for it! With plenty of options to choose for with every budget in mind, this shop is a smart choice for party decor. 

diy fiesta llama birthday garland

DIY Llama Garland:  Creating some of your own party decorations is a great way to save money, and to feed your creative side.  These garlands are made using paper napkins (I know, right?)! 

fiesta llama photo booth props

Llama Photo Props:  A great party is meant to be photographed so what better way to spice things up than with these photo props?  The kids will love them, and hey...maybe they'll even stand still long enough for you to get pictures for once!

diy cactus pool noodle decor

DIY Pool Noodle Cactus:  These adorable cactus pool noodles were created for a tropical flamingo party, but I think they would be just as great for a fiesta llama party. They are inexpensive, cute, and another way to create a fun looking party for less. 

llama birthday party paper products

Llama Paper Products:  Target is one of my favorite stores to shop at, and for good reason.  They have an entire line of llama themed birthday party supplies, and they couldn't be cuter.  A great one stop shop for tablecloths, plates, favor bags, and more! 

candy coated cactus pretzel rod

Cactus Pretzel Rods:  Just like at Christmas time, candy covered pretzel rods are always a hit on the food table.  Pair dark green candy melts with white jimmies sprinkles and you have yourself a cactus snack that fits in perfectly.

fiesta llama hair tie birthday favors

Fiesta Hair Tie Favors:  I love a useful party favor, and these hair ties are just that!  Every little girl likes new hair accessories, and these are both useful and trendy.  Mix and match to fit your style! 

printable fiesta llama birthday bingo

Llama BINGO:  Keeping kiddos entertained at birthday parties is half the battle!  A great way to keep them busy while engaging their little minds is with this themed BINGO game. 

fiesta llama birthday party printable games

Printable Activity Pack:  Hand out these fiesta llama themed printables as the party is winding down to keep the kiddos entertained before pickup. With tons of activities to choose from, you'll save yourself some sanity and the kids will thank you for it!  

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