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Hey there friends! We have been having a very weird summer around here...the same as most people in the United States, I suppose. All our vacations cancelled. Not a lot of activities planned.  My poor kids have become increasingly feral while being quarantined within our home most of the time. It's weird to think they haven't been inside a store or restaurant or any building besides a home since early March!  Thank goodness we started opening our circle a little, and they spend some time most days playing with the neighbor kids. 

Even though we love our school district and they did the best they could in the Spring when it came to educating our kids virtually, my girls hated it. My now 7th grader, normally a nearly straight A student, was failing most of her classes at one point due to confusion on what was assigned and submitting homework. My now 2nd grader hated sitting in front of a computer doing what was essentially busywork. When we told them that school in the Fall was likely to be more of the same, to say they weren't thrilled is an understatement.

Even before our district announced they were doing 100% virtual learning again through the first semester. we knew we needed to find a different option. Sending them to traditional in-class school was absolutely out of the question even if it had been an option on the table. Without going down the myriad paths of why we are against sending kids back to in-person school, we knew we had to look into homeschooling our kids.

The crazy thing is, I started researching homeschool about a month before Covid-19 halted the world as we know it.  Both my girls were always so drained by the time they got home from school each day. They rarely had energy to play with friends and we often dealt with cranky moods. For my oldest, getting up so incredibly early to catch the middle school bus was a huge culprit in her super early bedtimes. And my youngest just cannot handle that many hours of instruction without being exhausted. We put the idea of homeschooling on the back burner, but now the time to homeschool really just is perfect. Every family in America is making agonizing choices right now when it comes to schooling their kids this year, and we are so incredibly thankful that this is an option that makes sense for our family. 

All of this to say, we are excited to start our road to homeschool this year! I am a major planner so I've done hours upon hours of research into what types of schooling fits our family the best. We actually are about to finish up our third week of homeschool; summer boredom was kicking in, and we decided to start early. A big part of me is hoping this year goes really well, and my kids want to keep homeschooling in future years. But for now, we're just taking it one day at a time. 

Part of the planning process for me is being able to write down exactly what I hope to accomplish for the week. I'm trying to be very chill with my expectations, but I like to have an idea of what we hope to accomplish as I don't work well with flying by the seat of my pants, haha! I whipped together a little weekly lesson planning sheet to help organize my ideas, and I thought it might be a great resource for all of you as well.

homeschool weekly lesson plan

There are tons of planners and systems out there that people use for homeschooling. Heck, planners in general have a tremendous following. But sometimes it's really hard to find exactly what you're looking for, especially in the homeschool world. Many lesson plans are geared more towards teachers in traditional settings. Most planners don't have enough to write everything down if you have multiple children.

My lesson plan freebie is simple, and can easily be printed multiple times for each of your kids. You could hole punch them and keep them in a binder to use for yourself or use them as a checklist for your kids to go through as they complete their work each week.

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As I dive into this world of homeschooling, I plan on sharing a ton of resources with all of you along the way. I know that it can be really confusing to wade through all the information out there, and Pinterest can get a little intimidating with all the pretty pictures and miles-long lists of must-haves. If you're new to homeschooling this year as well, what are the things you're most anxious about? I'm sure we have plenty to discuss! 

Until next time friends :)

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