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The new school year is kicking off all over the country these next few weeks.  Even though school may look a lot different for many people, it's important to stay focused on the thing that matters most:  our kids.  Education is a fundamental part of life.  We are literally always learning! During these weird and unprecedented times, it's good to remember that even if education looks different than what we're used to, our kids are still learning new things every day.  

One group of parents I'm really feeling for right now are those parents with kids just entering formal education.  Especially those first times parents who are navigating these waters for the first time. Whether it be preschool or Kindergarten, they and their kids are just starting out and BAM. Global pandemic. Whatever school options they now have, it's not at all how they expected to introduce their kids to school. I know many of these parents--just like my own sister, with my nephew--will be looking for ways to incorporate more learning at home to supplement whatever formal education they may be getting.  

In this vein, I decided to create a few new BINGO sets geared especially towards early learners like preschoolers and early elementary students. BINGO is such a fun way to spend time as a family, and when you incorporate learning into it, it's just a win all around.  This week, I'm featuring the first of these new games:  Number BINGO! 

number bingo game

My Number BINGO features ridiculously adorable numbers one through nine. The printable comes with eight BINGO cards and a set of calling cards.  Follow the link below for access to my members-only freebie vault to grab this number BINGO freebie! My VIP members get access to all my freebies, past and future, housed in one place.  

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Over the coming weeks, I plan to add a couple more BINGO sets geared towards these younger ages.  BINGO games are some of my favorite printables to create because they encourage family time, are great for birthday parties, and can be tailored for so many themes--even education! You can find over eighty different BINGO versions in my shop once you're done playing my number BINGO!  

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