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Gone Fishing Birthday Party Ideas

Fishing birthday party ideas


When it comes to planning birthday parties, there is one thing that I have come to learn--the world is full of so many creative people!  I never would have guessed that fishing would be a popular birthday party theme, but then, I have girls and we don't do a whole lot of fishing. But I kept coming across this "gone fishing" and "o-fish-ally one" theme for littles, and I think it's the sweetest thing ever!  If you're planning a fishing themed party for your toddler, look no further because I've found some of the cutest must haves for your "big one" party!

gone fishing birthday invitation

Gone Fishing Invitation: Start your party planning out right with this adorable o-fish-ally one birthday party invitation. It's a super cute way to have a personalized invitation without a lot of work on your part.

gone fishing birthday party bunting decor

Fish Bunting Decor: I absolutely adore this "gone fishing" birthday party bunting set.  You can choose one banner or all four shown which fits in every budget.

chalkboard fishing birthday party poster

Birthday Poster: Chalkboard birthday party posters are all the rage for a reason.  Not only does it add to your party decor, it offers a way to personalize your party experience to your kiddo.  I love that it's a digital file that you can have printed at your chosen location, making it easy for last minutes planners.

fishing birthday boy tshirt

Birthday Boy Shirt: This personalized shirt for the birthday boy is an absolute delight.  It fits perfectly with the theme while helping keep the birthday boy in the spotlight.  She offers different color choices with a wide range of sizes.

big one birthday cake top

Birthday Cake Topper: I'm going to be honest and tell you this cake topper is what started me down the rabbit hole of fishing-themed birthday parties. I saw it while scrolling through Pinterest, and instantly wanted to throw my very own "big one" birthday party, never mind that I don't have a one year old. This cake topper steals the show which means the cake itself doesn't have to be elaborate!

gone fishing birthday party food

Fish Party Food: One of the best ways to show your creative side when throwing a themed birthday party is at the food table. I couldn't decide on just one food item to showcase so this party has it all.  Goldfish crackers, chocolate crab croissants, and "live bait" dirt cups are just some of the unique ideas for your treat table.

fishing birthday bingo game

Fishing BINGO: Whether your party is for a toddler or a big kid, you need party games to keep your guests entertained.  My fishing BINGO game fits perfectly in with the theme, and you can incorporate the goldfish from the treat table as BINGO markers! 

fishing seek and find birthday game

Fishing Seek & Find: Wind the party down with my fishing seek and find I spy printables.  With three difficulty levels, children of all ages can spend time searching for all the fishing themed characters.

gummy worms fishing birthday party favor

Gummy Worms Favor: I am a fan of simple and practical birthday party favors.  Little metal tins are very inexpensive, and the kiddos will appreciate the gummy worm snacks.

Swedish Fish birthday party favor

Swedish Fish Favor: I love simple party favors so much I had to include another one on this list.  Grab a box of movie theater-sized Swedish Fish and print off her free tag for a quick and easy birthday party favor that fits perfectly with the fishing birthday party! 

There you have it--ten must haves to throw the cutest fishing themed birthday party for your little one!

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