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Printable Barnyard Activities

It's time to get down on the farm with this awesome barnyard freebie! I think it's safe to say that all kids love farm animals.  What better way to keep them entertained than with this fun barnyard freebie?

barnyard printable freebies, bingo, lunch notes, i spy

Included in this freebie is barnyard BINGO, a seek and find, and a bonus page of lunch box notes.  Here at Practical Whimsy Co, I am all about keeping kiddos entertained without creating extra work on your part so everything in this freebie is ready to go as soon as you are: all you need is a printer...and a laminater for longevity if you're feeling especially crafty. 

free barnyard bingo

I love playing BINGO with my kids because they get so excited every time they win! We tend to use goldfish crackers or M&Ms as place markers so the girls also look forward to the little snack after each round.  This Barnyard BINGO comes with ten unique cards plus calling cards so it's as easy as printing and laminating if you want to use them over and over again.  

barnyard seek and find i spy

If you've never done a seek and find before, it's basically like Where's Waldo or I Spy which I used to love to do as a child. Look through the printable, and write down how many you can find of each of the graphics listed as you go. It’s simple, fun and is a sneaky way to get some math skills in for the day.

barnyard themed lunch box notes

I threw in this bonus set of lunch box notes because they are a favorite in my house...and they fit the theme.  Ha! I have been putting lunch box notes in my daughter's lunch box since Kindergarten, and she's about to finish up fifth grade! I'm not sure if lunch box notes are going to be something she wants as a middle schooler, but thankfully my youngest is just finishing up Kindergarten so I have plenty of years left  of lunch box notes with her at least. 

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