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Star Wars + Baby Yoda I Spy Freebie

Baby Yoda is still going strong, and I'm here for it! I can't get enough of that cute little face.  I'm going to make a confession to you though: I'm not a Star Wars fan.  Gasp--yes, I know.  I've watched a couple of the older movies, and one of the newer ones, but it's just so hard to jump on board to a franchise that's decades old as an adult.  We have Disney+ so I may give the movies another shot, but so far, no one in my house has shown much interest either.  Honestly, it makes our touring plans at Disney World a little easier because we can skip all the Star Wars stuff so I'm kind of hesitate to even dip my toe in that water.  That's a valid reason, right? #Disneyworldobsessed 

I do plan to watch The Mandalorian for sure though because....Baby Yoda.  I've heard you can know zero about the Star Wars franchise and still follow along so I'm willing to give it a go.  And if I get bored, I'll just pull out some of my Star Wars printables and immerse myself in the world that way. Haha.

star wars baby yoda i spy game freebie

Next up in my Star Wars freebie mini-series is an I Spy game! It features the lovable Baby Yoda as well as many classic characters like Darth Vader and BB8. If you've never played a printable I spy, it's super easy.  Go one by one through each character, counting how many you can find on the page, and write that number in the box.  My girls like to circle the characters as they count them so they know if they missed any. 

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