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Star Wars + Baby Yoda Valentine's Day Cards Freebie

The new year is here, and I'm ready for it! January is often the calm after the storm, the reset button after a crazy holiday season.  In our house, my oldest daughter's birthday is in mid-January, and my husband's is two weeks later so although things do slow down, we still have plenty of things to celebrate. By the time we get through the holidays + two birthdays,'s Valentine's Day. Honestly, we're a bit out of energy for celebrating by the time V-Day hits.  We find Valentine's Day cards for the kids to pass out at school, load ourselves with chocolate, and call it good.  This year I tried to get ahead of the game though, and designed a bunch of adorable Valentine's Day cards before the holiday madness started.  My kids love that they got to help design them with their current favorites, and I love that I get to share them with all of you.

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Then came December....and all things Baby Yoda.  My husband is a little meme-obsessed so I'm almost certain I've seen every single meme variation of Baby Yoda that's been created.  He's just so darn cute that you almost can't stop yourself from scrolling for more.  I decided this month's freebie had to include Baby Yoda, and then I just couldn't stop creating.  So instead of one freebie this month, I'm going to do my first ever mini-series, and drop a new Star Wars themed printable each week for the next few weeks.

star wars baby yoda valentines day cards

This week's printable is a double feature--two pages of Star Wars + Baby Yoda Valentine's Day cards! Your little Star Wars lovers will be so excited to share these with their classmates (and maybe keep one for themselves #nojudgement). Featuring some classic Star Wars characters as well as Baby Yoda, there's a card for everyone. Follow the link below for access to my members-only freebie vault to grab this freebie! My VIP members get access to all my free printables, past and future, all housed in one place to make it easy peasy.

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Come back next week to see the next Star Wars freebie I have in store for you! My VIPs will have access to these printables first so don't forget to subscribe to the vault for easy, no frills access. 

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