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Superhero Birthday Party Ideas

superhero birthday party ideas


Fighting bad guys, super cool costumes, and kick butt names...what's not to love about superheroes? Little boys (and girls! but that's a post for another day) are obsessed with superheroes and are bound to beg for the ultimate superhero birthday party at some point. To get you started on hosting the perfect superhero birthday party, here is a roundup of ten must haves to make your next superhero party one they remember forever.

 superhero birthday party invitation

Superhero Invitation: Start your party planning out right with this colorful superhero birthday invitation. I love that you can edit and print it yourself for a quick turnaround.  This shop offers a couple designs, and matching party decor, so it has the potential to be a one stop shop!

superhero party decorations

Printable Superhero Decorations: These printable decorations are great because they aren't geared towards any one superhero, making them versatile and reusable. 

superhero custom shirt

Superhero Shirt: How cute is this shirt? There are multiple designs to choose from and are offered in a wide range of sizes for different ages.  Specialized shirts for the birthday boy are always a hit because they make him feel just a little extra special on his big day.

felt superhero masks
Superhero Masks: No superhero party would be complete without a superhero mask! You can purchase either the pattern or the masks themselves making this work for the DIYers and not-so-DIYers in the crowd. 

thor hammer cupcakes
Thor Cupcakes: It is no secret that Thor is my favorite superhero.  And that I prefer cupcakes over traditional cake. So when I saw these easy Thor cupcakes, they were the obvious choice for this roundup.  

batman sandwiches
Batman Sandwiches: We know kids love their food cut into shapes so these batman-shaped sandwiches are bound to be a hit at a superhero party! You don't really need a tutorial for this, but you will need a batman cookie cutter (I saw tons on Amazon!). 

superhero muddy buddy
Superhero Puppy Chow: I know this tutorial calls this wonderful concoction "muddy buddies", but my Midwest is showing, and I just can't do it.  But whatever you call it, this snack mix is an easy addition to the food table, and yummy to boot.

superhero bingo game
Printable Superhero BINGO: No birthday party is complete without games! My printable superhero BINGO game is a great way to corral all your little superhero party goers in one spot for tons of thematic fun!

printable superhero party games
Printable Superhero Games: One activity is rarely enough, and these printable superhero games are sure to be a hit. With six different activities included, these mini games are a great way to wind down the party before pickup.

superhero party favor cup

Superhero Favors: A party isn't a party without favors! I love the ingenious of these favors because even the packaging is part of the fun. An inexpensive favor that the kids will love? I call that a win.


I hope these ideas gave you all the tools you need to host the best superhero birthday party ever! 

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