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Superhero I Spy Freebie!

We love superheroes in our house.  Okay, I should be more clear: we love Marvel Comic superheroes in our house.  Our youngest daughter developed an absolute adoration with Batman at around age three after seeing Ben Affleck on the cover of some magazine so we humor her there. And Wonder Woman is all about female power so we can't exclude her.  But my husband only agreed to watch Aquaman once it was out on DVD because he refused to spend the money on movie tickets just to watch Jason Momoa with his shirt off (rude, I know). 

But our true superhero passion (read: obsession) lies with all things Marvel Comics.  We go to every new release in the movie theater and promptly buy the blue-ray once it's out. We buy action figures and t-shirts and constantly share memes.  We even dressed up as some of our favorite characters for Halloween one year (a curly haired one year old in a homemade Thor costume? The best thing ever).

In honor of Avengers: End Game coming out on blue-ray shortly, I decided to create a fun superhero I spy game for you. When I created this superhero seek and find printable, I had to wrestle with myself whether or not to add in some DC Comics superheros. But I decided most children weren't superhero purists, and I should rein it in a bit :) 

free superhero i spy printable

This freebie comes with three different version: easy, medium, and hard.  It also comes with an answer key so your kiddos don't fight over whose guesses are correct, haha. My superhero printable is perfect for a themed birthday party, road trips, family game nights or just because!  Follow the link below for access to my members-only freebie vault! My VIP members get access to all my freebies, past and future, housed in one place.  

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Never done a seek and find before? It's basically like Where's Waldo or I Spy which I used to love to do as a child. Look through the printable and write down how many you can find of each of the graphics listed as you go. It’s simple, fun and helps entertain the kids (win win!). 




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